Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as the only boy with seven sisters in a large Italian-American family in Queens. His dad was a pipefitter. Joey loves his sisters dearly, and is very protective of them and their wellbeing. You had to be bold and loud to be heard in the Tribbiani family, which might have inspired Joey to be an actor.

Living… in Manhattan with his best friend Chandler, across the hall from Monica and Rachel. The two roommates do their best to make it the ideal bachelor pad. They’ve got a foosball table, a big-screen TV with cable, and they even add a chick and a duck to the family.

Profession… a struggling actor who’s success is ever-changing: one day he’s playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, and the next he’s...well, attempting to find a fake identical twin in order to get money from a medical experiment. Yep.

Interests… food and women, not necessarily in that order. Joey knows the power of food firsthand – he (inadvertently) helped save his friend Ross’s life with the help of his meatball sub. A pizza aficionado, Joey is also known as the inventor of the Joey Special: two pizzas.

Relationship Status… typically single by choice, but never lonely. Joey is always on his way to or from a hook-up. One secret is his signature opener, “How you doin’?” (It sounds more impressive coming from him.) His friends marvel at his successes with the ladies. Between his stock lines and prepared stories, he somehow makes himself irresistible. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a good-looking actor.

Challenge… making it, growing up, and settling down without getting too boring. While his friends move through careers and marriages, Joey generally stays Joey. As the others find themselves with more commitments, Joey can find himself feeling like the third, fifth, or even seventh wheel at times. He often sacrifices his own needs for his friends’ happiness. 

Personality… simple, genuine, and fun. It doesn’t take much more than a pizza, a beer, and a football game for Joey to have a good time. While perhaps a bit oblivious at times, and certainly not the brightest knife in the drawer (food reference) Joey is a very loyal companion and is always there to help in his way. Sometimes his, shall we say, “uncomplicated” worldview helps his friends out of their own cluttered headspace.


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