Tony Stark / Iron Man

Tony Stark / Iron Man

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as the son of the incredibly brilliant, incredibly rich founder of Stark Industries: Howard Stark. Tony is even smarter than the brilliant elder Stark, having entered MIT at the age of 15. Tony is perhaps the only person that could live up to his father’s lofty legacy.

Living… a life that everyone else can only dream of. Not only is Tony Stark a self-described “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist,” but now that he’s figured out how to create power armor, he gets to moonlight as the vigilante, Iron Man.

Profession… CEO of Stark Industries and secret superhero. For most of his life, Tony has been the CEO of his deceased father’s multibillion-dollar corporation, but a recent series of events has forced Tony’s life in a different direction. When Afghani terrorists kidnapped Tony and put him to work building a weapon, Tony instead built a suit of powered armor that allowed him to defeat his captors and escape. Once he was safely back in the United States, Tony leveraged his considerable resources to create a more advanced version of the suit, and Iron Man was born.

Interests… cocktails, beautiful women, particle physics and saving the world – it’s easy to be a Renaissance man when you’re smart enough to master applied thermodynamics in one night of reading. Tony Stark is equal parts jet-setting playboy and brilliant tinkerer. He’s comfortable at either a $10,000 per plate charity events or amidst the mechanical hum of his personal lab.

Relationship Status… single, but rarely lonely. Tony Stark’s wealth, power and natural charm allows him to get just about any woman he wants; it’s keeping them that’s the problem. While Tony’s playboy impulses have kept him out of committed relationships for most of his life, his near death experience in Afghanistan has forced him to reconsider his priorities. He’s attracted to his personal assistant Pepper Potts, possibly because she’s one of the only women he’s ever met who’s actually likely to reject his advances. But attraction is one thing and being in a committed relationship is another. It remains to be seen whether Tony’s new dedication to heroism can transform him into a man worth dating.

Challenge… contending with the forces that seek to use the Iron Man technology to nefarious ends. Ironically, it took Tony creating the most powerful weapon on Earth for him to realize that he no longer wanted to be providing deadly weapons to the world via Stark Industries. Tony trusts only himself to don the iron armor.

Personality… charming, brilliant, cocky. Tony Stark’s personality is a sprawling web of contradictory virtues and vices. On the surface, he is carefree and fun, a classic playboy, but beneath that lies guilt, fear and a debilitating self-destructive attitude.


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