Rachel Green

Rachel Green

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with her longtime best friend Monica, a movethat will hopefully not spell the end of their friendship, due to Monica’s anal-retentive tendencies. Fleeing from her wedding to a man she doesn’t love, Rachel walks right into five people’s lives, despite the fact that she hasn’t met or seen most in years; she didn’t even invite Monica to her wedding. As she says, “I was kinda hoping that wouldn't be an issue.”

Profession... waitress at Central Perk coffee shop. Rachel has no passion for her work, never mind her complete lack of waitressing ability. One positive aspect of the job is that her friends are always around, hanging out and drinking coffee. Also, her boss Gunther is hopelessly in love with her, so she gets a free pass on just about everything. Still, she longs to find something better.

Interests... fashion. She’s the one her friends go to for fashion advice. Even if they don't go to her, she’s more than happy to give unsolicited opinions and tips. Sometimes, she even works fashion statements into regular conversation, such as when she complains to her father: “It’s like all my life everyone’s told me, ‘you’re a shoe!’”

Relationship Status... on-and-off with Ross, Monica’s brother. She definitely did the right thing in not marrying Barry Farber - literally leaving him at the altar. But the saga with Ross is no less complicated. Ross has always been there, which can make him less exciting. But the more Rachel plays the field, the less she thinks there’s something better out there. Rachel and Ross keep getting together; they just can't keep it together.

Challenge... feeling lost. She thought she had her life mapped out when she got engaged to Barry – marriage, kids, a big house – the dream life with a stable dentist. But as she got closer to the wedding, she couldn't imagine anything worse than that. Although Rachel now knows what she doesn’t want, she doesn't yet know what she does want. It's probably not a life as a waitress, but it will do for now. Rachel also struggles with independence and standing up for herself, skills she begins to gain from living with her friends.

Personality... funny and spirited but pretty self-involved. Rachel was made for the one-percent New York lifestyle, but has a much harder time in the trenches with everyone else. She’s admitted to never taking out the trash in her life (before dumping Barry, anyway) and clearly grew up with people ather beck and call. Life as a "normal" person is proving harder than she thought, but her sense of humor will allow her to at least laugh about it. Still, Rachel is sweet, flexible,and genuine - traits that will likely progress her friendships and, hopefully, career.


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