Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper

    The Big Bang Theory
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Galveston, Texas. Sheldon was considered a child prodigy with a genius IQ but was rarely encouraged to explore his intellect, often bullied by his fairly "low-brow" family.

Living... in Pasadena, California, with his roommate, Leonard. Leonard is one of the few people that Sheldon can really get along with as they are both extremely intellectual and have similar interests. He even reluctantly calls Leonard his best friend.

Profession... theoretical physicist at Caltech. Sheldon became interested in science at a very young age, and his brilliant mind allowed him to jump into the field quicker than most. He graduated from college at fourteen and received a Ph.D. by the time he was sixteen.

Interests... comic books and science fiction. Sheldon comes off as a stereotypical nerd and really has no qualms about it. He regularly plays Dungeons and Dragons, is an avid Star Trek fan, and idolizes superheroes – obsessed enough to warrant restraining orders from many of the people he adores. 

Relationship Status... confused. For the majority of his life, Sheldon has been completely asexual, expressing zero interest in romance. Until his friends set him up on a blind date with Amy, he had never been on one. Sheldon and Amy date, but more or less operate on the level of very good friends with little to no romance or physicality. He does seem to express some subdued feelings towards her and is even tries to get over his germaphobia and generaldiscomfort with human contact. As Leonard describes the relationship: "It's kinda like the Loch Ness Monster. Maybe there's something there, maybe there isn't. We'll never know but sometimes it's fun to creep yourself out thinking about it."

Challenge... himself. Sheldon's main difficulties in life stem from his own insecurities and social ineptitudes. He is relatively happy in his own mind, able to entertain himself without ever really succumbing to boredom but he does express some desire for social interaction and friendship. He just has a hard time relating to others. He says, "I often forget other people have limitations. It's so sad."

Personality... geeky and cocky. His intellect and obsession with logical reasoning make extremely socially awkward, often seeming almost computer-like when faced with interpreting human subtleties. He also believes that he is always in the right. Initially Sheldon displays an intense superiority complex, and is immediately turned off to anyone he does not value on an intellectual level. But he realizes this is a choice – as he puts it, "I'm not crazy; my mother had me tested."


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