Monica Geller

Monica Geller

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in Long Island, N.Y., in the neurotic Gellerhousehold, constantly bickering with her older brother Ross. This might have had to do with her parents, who seemed to favor Ross no matter the circumstance. Monica’s childhood wasn't easy, in part because of the bullying she faced due to her obesity throughout most of high school. Even though she is now thin, the oversized ghost of “old Monica” still haunts her from time to time.

Living... in a Manhattan apartment she is subletting from her grandmother. Just about all of her friends have spent some time living in her apartment, and it’s become something like a home base for the group. Monica is proud of her home, and she tries her best to keep it spotless.

Profession... chef. It’s a perfect gig for someone as competitive and detail-oriented as Monica. She knows the trials of the food industry first-hand, having been on every rung of the restaurant ladder from waitress to head chef. She also brings her work home, inventing food substitutes and recipes to sometimes mixed reviews from her friends. Speaking of reviews, Monica has also worked as a food critic.

Interests... cleaning. Monica’s cleanliness is beyond preference – it’s a passion. (okay, an obsession). She cleans, organizes, and labels everything in her apartment. She numbers mugs to know which ones are missing. Towels are classified into 11 groups. The most frustrating thing to her friends is when she acts like she’s not compulsive, that she's just like anybody else. As if anyone else cleans strangers' cars on the streets.

Relationship Status... definite marriage material, though yet to be married. Monica has been close before, most notably with her ex, Richard, who was 21 years older and didn't want (more) kids. Monica has had her share of casual flings and is ready to settle down and start a family. In fact, many of her friends feel that she is too attached to marriage and having children, as she moves through many other relationships quickly in an attempt to start a family. “I do not have baby fever,” she insists.

Challenge... dealing with her ultra-competitive streak. She is determined to win at anything and everything. Monica’s neuroses can sometimes get in the way of her friends' enjoyment of the simplest things. A game of Mad Libs can end in a fit of rage. A new cake recipe can result in tears. She has to get better at tempering her sharper edges and loosening the reins, for everyone’s sake. Despite some neuroses, she's an incredible and loyal friend.

Personality... energetic, hyper, and obsessive-compulsive. She’s the “mother” of the group, and like some mothers, she can be overbearing and domineering. But she can also be the level-headed practical friend, helping others through their irrational moments. Monica is loyal and caring. It’s just the little things, like the slightest mess, that can irk her in a big way.


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