Peter Quill

Peter Quill

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Missouri with his single mother, who claimed that Peter’s father was an “angel made of pure light.” Their life wasn’t perfect, but they were happy – at least until Peter’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Unable to accept her death, Peter ran from the hospital, where he was abducted by a force of alien scavengers known as “Ravagers.”

Living… a bitchin’ life aboard his spacecraft, the Milano. Other people might have been upset to have been forcibly dragged away from their home planet, but Peter loves it. He’s got his own ship, he calls his own shots, and he gets to fly from planet to planet blasting ‘70s pop hits and picking up alien chicks. He’s even begun to build a bit of a reputation for himself as the outlaw “Star-Lord.”

Profession… outlaw and scavenger. When Peter was abducted the Ravagers they wanted to eat him – and it was only the intercession of the Ravagers’ captain that allowed Peter to survive. Once was off the menu, the crew decided to train him as a Ravager, giving him the skills he would use in his day-to-day life as a space adventurer and outlaw.

Interests… Earth music from the ‘70s and ‘80s, dancing, making money, and picking up women from beyond the stars. Peter Quill is a short-sighted thrill seeker who chases anything that catches his fancy.

Relationship status… single, though seldom solo. Peter is charming and willing to say anything in order to seduce a woman that he finds attractive, and has gotten romantic with a various women of a variety of a species.

Challenge… retrieving ‘the orb.’ The Ravagers were recently commissioned by an unknown buyer to retrieve a small metal orb from the abandoned planet of Morag. Unwilling to split the pay, Quill set out on his own and raced to retrieve the orb first. What starts as a simple job soon spirals into a potentially galaxy-altering struggle to keep a powerful weapon out of the hands of the genocidal Kree fanatic, Ronan the Accuser.

Personality… roguish, charming, and courageous. He has some heroic traits, but Peter Quill is no angel, and has eked out a living through petty theft, cons, and other criminal activity. While he has no superpowers, his quick wits favor him in conversation and in battle, and he often manages to find unlikely solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. While he’s a shameless opportunist, deep down Peter Quill is a good man with a solid set of priorities. He’s loyal to his friends and will risk his life and freedom to protect the Galaxy.


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