John Watson

John Watson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his older sister, Harriet (“Harry” for short), whom he doesn’t see often. After finishing secondary school, John trained as a British Army doctor at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Living… with one of the more interesting people John has met in his life. He recently moved in, somewhat reluctantly, with Sherlock Holmes, detective consultant to the New Scotland Yard. They live at 221B Baker Street in Marylebone, London, and pay a small rent to their landlady, Mrs. Hudson, who lives next door. John is tidier than Sherlock, who seems to rely on Mrs. Hudson for cooking and cleaning. 

Profession… former Captain in the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers, which included a tour in Afghanistan. When John returned to London, he met Sherlock who took him in as an assistant in solving crimes that New Scotland Yard couldn’t handle.

Relationship Status… single but looking. He becomes interested in women fairly easily and seems to have had a number of short-term relationships, though he may be seeking out something more lasting. He is very quick to correct people when they think that he is in a relationship with Sherlock, which happens quite often.

Challenge… recovering from the wounds, both physical and psychological, that led to his discharge from combat in Afghanistan. To that end, he was instructed to keep a blog to record his thoughts and feelings as he adjusts to civilian life. John's challenge is to find something or someone that will help him resolve the issues of the past that still haunt him.

Personality… witty, resourceful, practical, and loyal. He is skilled with firearms—more so than Sherlock and Detective Inspector Lestrade – and provides much needed back-up to Sherlock this way. And next to his partner, at least, John appears to be very “normal.” 



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