Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

    Game of Thrones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in exile. Her father was King Aerys II, aka the "Mad King," who lost his mind while upon the throne and was violently deposed by forces led by Robert Baratheon. (In fact, Aerys was killed by a member of his own Kingsguard, Jaime Lannister.) Daenerys' mother was spirited to safety just before that, but died while giving birth to Dany as they fled Kings Landing. Since then Dany and her older brother Viserys have lived in exile, while Viserys plots to retake the throne – treating his sister heartlessly in the process.

Living... as Khaleesi, the title given to the wife of the Dothraki Khal. The Dothraki are a nomadic people of expert horse riders, and that culture is difficult for an outsider to assimilate into. Though they are fierce warriors, Daenerys believes she is equally as powerful as she considers herself the true heir of the Targaryen dynasty.

Profession... Queen of the Dothraki. Her marriage was arranged by her older brother, Viserys, who hopes to use the 40,000 Dothraki soldiers to retake the Seven Kingdoms. However, as Daenerys spends more time with the Dothraki she grows more willing to defy her brother – and begins to have her own ideas about how to best use those 40,000 warriors.

Interests… learning how to be a Khaleesi. Dany must teach herself the Dothraki language and learn to lead her people. Also, she received some petrified dragon eggs as a wedding gift. There hasn’t been a living dragon in ages, but what would happen if those things hatch? Her ancestor Targaryens rode to the throne on the backs of dragons. Could history repeat itself?

Relationship Status... married to the Dothraki leader, Khal Drogo. Though it was an arranged marriage she had no choice but to enter, she eventually falls in love with Drogo. 

Challenge... overcoming her status as a dehumanized piece of property, who was sold into a marriage, to become a powerful leader. Though there are bumps along the way, she is a natural Khaleesi, and begins giving orders to her people not long after her wedding night. But her brother continues to pose a problem; he sold her but doesn’t realize he no longer has power over her. Daenerys is starting to think she’s the deserving Targaryen heir, not her brother.         

Personality... strong, persistent, inquisitive, and quietly and intensely determined. She suffered for years after the death of her parents and an extended period of time being treated cruelly by her brother. Others would have been broken, but she only grew stronger. But is she strong enough to someday claim the iron Throne for herself? 


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