Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Lawrence, Kansas and subsequently all over the US. After his mother was killed protecting him when he was a baby, his father, John, moved him and his brother, Dean, all around the US in search of the demon who killed her. They haven’t found it yet, but Sam decided he was done with the hunting life, and enrolled in Stanford.

Living… in various motel rooms and his brother’s car. Dean has pulled him out of school because their father has gone missing. The life of a hunter is anything but glamorous and pays literally nothing, so Dean and Sam usually use stolen credit cards and fake identities to book motel rooms.

Profession… hunter. When Sam was in school, he was encouraged by a teacher to create his own life, stating that he shouldn’t feel trapped by the family business. Unfortunately, the supernatural intruded yet again, and now he’s back on the road.

Interests… reading, learning, and maintaining his health. Sam is almost the opposite of his road-hardened brother. He enjoys a good book and makes sure to eat healthily, often ordering a salad at the greasy diners they stop in.

Relationship Status… single. He dated someone recently, but…he’s still having nightmares about what happened to her. Sam isn’t interested in meeting anyone else now.

Challenge… getting along with his brother. They don’t like the same food, the same music, the same hobbies, or eve the same kind of life. Sam just wants to go back to Stanford.

Personality… intelligent, sensitive, and assertive. Sam is much more of an intellectual than Dean, often telling him, “You mind doin' a little bit of thinkin' with your upstairs brain, Dean?” Though he doesn’t want to admit it, Sam has a talent for the hunting lifestyle.


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