Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson

Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson

    Lady Bird

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a small house in Sacramento, California, which she desperately wants to get out of. Despite her mother’s wishes that she’d stay and attend college in the state, Lady Bird longs to fly to the East Coast. “I want to go where culture is like, New York, or Connecticut or New Hampshire,” she insists. No offense to New Hampshire folk, but her choosing it over Cali really shows how much she wants to get out of there.

Profession… student at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic High School. New to the school as a senior with a chance for a fresh start, she gives herself the name “Lady Bird.” She also works at a restaurant, which her mother made her do in order to “like, learn responsibility,” as she explains. Although many of her classmates are wealthy and live in affluent neighborhoods, Lady Bird’s family seems to be struggling more by the day, as money becomes tighter and jobs become more hectic.

Interests… love, theatre, and getting out of California. A novice to dating and relationships, Lady Bird has her eyes set on some students at Immaculate Heart, all the while immersing herself in school culture and clubs for her last year. After that, hopefully, it’s goodbye. To everyone. 

Relationship Status… single but searching. Joining new clubs has allowed her to meet new people, many of whom share her interests and longing for excitement. Although Lady Bird feels inexperienced when it comes to sex and relationships, it’s a comfort to know that many other students at her school are also new to it. Probably.

Challenge… wanting more. Although some would consider it healthy to dream of bigger things, Lady Bird’s family wants her to stay nearby. Her mom works tirelessly to support the household, yet Lady Bird still isn’t satisfied with what she’s given. While she can’t please everyone, Lady Bird must learn to be open and honest with her family and become more attuned to the sacrifices they (and others) make for her.

Personality… strong-willed, introspective, but sometimes oblivious. Lady Bird pays great attention to her surroundings, but sometimes her focus makes her ignore the bigger picture. She’s feisty, and her heart is in the right place, usually, but even the purest of people can fall sway to the havoc-wreaking traps of senior year.


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