Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with her family of four in Connecticut. Like most teenage girls, Casey and her mom, Elsa, often but heads. She is a lot closer to her dad, Doug. He helps her train for track and field, and is the only person she feels she can rely on. Casey and her brother Sam have a love hate relationship, but for the most part, Casey teases him to show that she cares.

Profession… high school student. Casey is working through the highs and lows of high school. Her family life isn’t always easy, so school, specifically sports, provide a necessary escape. She runs track after school, and excels at it. Her success in running has recently caught the attention of a nearby private school, which could turn Casey’s life upside down.

Interests… running, family, and most recently, boys. Casey loves to run. It has brought her closer to her dad, but it also has given her a chance to stand out. She loves her family, but most of the attention has been on Sam, so track is her place to shine. Casey is not immune to the desires that come with being a teenager, and a local boy Evan might cause her to lose focus on track.

Relationship status… newly involved with Evan Chapin. Casey and Evan recently became friends, but it’s clear that there are sparks. Her dedication to running makes it easy to push him away, but he can be persistent. If Casey gives him a chance, she isn’t sure that she will be able to juggle everything in her life, which scares her.

Challenge… figuring out who she is. Casey didn’t get a lot of attention growing up because her brother’s autism called for most of their parent’s energy. She can be insecure and stubborn, but at the end of the day, she is looking to be cared for by those she loves. 

Personality… sarcastic, witty, but caring. Casey has a darkside, and she admits that: “I learned everything I know from the dark lord herself – mom.” But Casey deeply cares about her brother. When she isn’t teasing him, she is the first to defend his honor. She can be feisty, but most would agree that is what makes her loveable. 


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