Manolo Sánchez

Manolo Sánchez

    The Book of Life

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his strict father and grandmother since his mother passed away. Every year, Manolo hopes her spirit will visit them in the mortal world on The Day of the Dead, along with their ancestors. 

Living… in the middle of Mexico, in the town of San Angel. He lives in a humble home with his father and grandmother and the memories of his ancestors, all great bullfighters of the past. 

Profession… bullfighter. Since a young age, Manolo has had a talent for bullfighting: it runs in his blood. But Manolo wants to be a musician and refuses to kill a bull, which his father and grandmother believes brings dishonor to their family. 

Interests… music. He longs to be a musician instead of a bullfighter and he loves to sing and play the guitar dearly, especially because Maria gave him that guitar, engraved with “Always play with your heart.” But his love for music is oppressed by his father who just wants him to be a bullfighter like a real man. 

Relationship Status… single. He has never forgotten Maria, even when she was gone for 10 years and is still crazy in love with her. Manolo knows he might not be a match for his best friend and rival, Joaquin, but he truly loves Maria and wants to be with her. 

Challenge… choosing between music and bullfighting. He can make his family proud but never be truly happy, or he can pursue his dream but live with the disappointment. 

Personality… compassionate, pure, and courageous. Refusing to kill an innocent bull in a fight, even when his father insists that he does, is one of many indications that Manolo has a wholesome heart of grace. He is brave not for fighting, but for standing up for what he believes in. However, his heart is torn in many places as he seems to be at an ultimatum between his identity to either pursue his passion or be accepted by those around him.


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