Allison Baker

Allison Baker


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Allison’s mother died, and she was basically raised by her grandmother because her father was working the oil rigs. 

Living… in France. Allison felt she was destined for bigger things than the small-town life she grew up in. Although she was set to attend Oklahoma State, she changed her mind and went to France to study. She fell in love with a female student named Lina, but now she is in a French prison in Marseille for the alleged murder of her. Despite what the French legal system and the press say, Allison is adamant she is innocent. She has lost five years of her life in jail, and she has four more years to go.

Relationship Status… single. She’s still recovering from the tragic relationship with Lina. After Lina had been unfaithful many times, the two hit a rough patch and got into a heated argument, and Allison left to go to a bar. Lina stayed home, where she ended up stabbed by someone. Everyone except for her father and grandmother thinks it was her.

Challenge… successfully proving her innocence. During the trial of the case, the French courts could not find the murder weapon and were only left with a DNA sample that had no match. The court knew that Allison had a motive (Lina’s unfaithfulness) and sentenced her to nine years. When an ex-professor tells her about new evidence that could prove her innocence, she enlists the help of her father, Bill, to help her from the outside. Allison has a strained relationship with her father and isn’t sure she can trust him with something as important as her freedom. But she’s out of options.

Personality… skeptical, transparent, and hopeful. Allison is someone who has trouble opening up to people and can be defensive given everything she’s been through. She will tell you what is on her mind and will not sugarcoat anything. She doesn’t care how she comes across; she only cares that you get the message. Since the new evidence was found, Allison is becoming more enthusiastic and motivated.


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