Character Recommendations Based on Aldous Snow

Ben Stone Knocked Up

Laid-back stoner who wasn't planning on life's ultimate responsibility

Kumar Patel Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Always high, always hungry for sliders

Barry Egan Punch Drunk Love

Has too many anger issues to list here

Calvin Palmer Barbershop

Community-driven but practical, Calvin's a natural leader even if he doesn't always see it

Steve Stifler American Pie

More than just a dude with a hot mom. He's also rude, profane, and obnoxious

Seth Superbad

Short-tempered, crude, and terrible at school, but hopefully nothing an epic party can't fix

David Wooderson Dazed and Confused

All right, all right, all right!

Amy Townsend Trainwreck

Rarely wakes up in the same bed twice

Alan Garner The Hangover

Oddball who's a one-man wolf pack

Ben Barber Ride Along

Fast-talking, funny, and stubborn, Ben doesn't let failure hold him back