Teddy Sanders

Teddy Sanders

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Delta Psi Beta house, a frat house in a pleasant suburban neighborhood. Teddy is living through what might be the best years of his life. He loves nothing more than to party with his bros.

Profession… President of Delta Psi. Teddy comes from a proud fratty heritage, and wants to find his own place in Delta Psi’s history – the very same fraternity that invented the Toga Party, Beer Pong and the Boot and Rally.

Interests… aside from drinking and tripping out on drugs, Teddy doesn’t have very many hobbies. He’s certainly never taken much interest in his academics.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with a hot blonde named Brooke. Teddy, though, likes to keep things in perspective. His relationship with Brooke doesn’t go quite as deep as his friendship with his frat brothers. As he puts it, “Brothers have a bond that goes beyond friendship!”

Challenge… making it to the end of the school year so that he can throw “the most legendary rager of all time.” When Delta Psi enters a conflict with their lame neighbors, Teddy goes into full-on battle mode. In the process of protecting his frat brothers, the entire Delta Psi nearly gets kicked out of school.

Personality… belligerent, confident, and determined to party. Teddy is a vapid frat boy who is insecure about his prospects. He lives to party—but when the party is over, he doesn’t know what to do.


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