Sarah Ashburn

Sarah Ashburn

    The Heat
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in New York City, entirely alone.

Visiting… Boston, on special assignment to take down the drug kingpin Larkin. Her boss promised that she’d be considered to replace him, if Ashburn can just prove that she works well with others.

Profession… FBI Special Agent, and proud of it. Since she arrested the Red Falls Killer, Ashburn has gotten a reputation as one of the best agents in the department. Unfortunately, she might be very good at her job from a technical standpoint, but she’s very bad at working with other people.

Interests… stealing her neighbor’s cat to cuddle with at night while she watches TV alone in her house.

Relationship Status… divorced. She was married for six years, until she decided she was more married to her job than her husband. Her policy of not dating anyone in the workplace probably isn’t helping her find another relationship either.

Challenge… arresting Larkin. But she needs to find a way to do that as a team player so that she can get promoted back in New York. Ashburn is assigned to work with rebellious and profane Boston police officer Shannon Mullins on the Larkin case. But for rule-bound Ashburn, working with Mullins may be more of a challenge than investigating Larkin.

Personality… extremely tough and uptight. Living life “by the book”, she refuses to drop her strict agent persona even when a more casual attitude would be much more effective. Her detractors might also say she’s arrogant, condescending, and controlling. 


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