Ben Stone

Ben Stone

    Knocked Up
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he learned to smoke marijuana from his father. Ben was hit by a postal truck in high school and has been living off the compensation money he received from the government ever since.

Living… as an illegal alien in Los Angeles. Ben lives in a bachelor pad with his friends Martin, Jonah, Jay, and Jason. In addition to co-owning a fledgling internet website, they spend most of their time going to theme parks, boxing, playing ping pong, and smoking a prodigious amount of weed.

Profession… co-founder of the website Flesh of the Stars, which tells its visitors “exactly how long into movies their favorite stars are exposed.” Ben and his roommates spend their days conducting research, a.k.a. watching movies. The site has yet to launch. They are oblivious to Mr. Skin, an already existing site with the exact same concept.

Interests… Rob Zombie, Eric Bana, ninja weapons, and smoking weed. For Ben, weed is the best medicine. “It fixes everything,” he says.

Relationship Status… newly committed. One night while at a nightclub, Ben met a gorgeous woman named Alison Scott who was out celebrating her promotion. Both inebriated, they return to her place for the night. Eight weeks later, she tells him she is pregnant. She opts against an abortion, and the two begin dating.

Challenge… coming to terms with the fact that he will soon be a father. He doesn’t read his baby books, doesn’t have his own apartment, and Alison is concerned that he is not ready for the responsibility of fatherhood. Seeking wisdom, Ben goes with Alison’ brother-in-law Pete on a trip to Vegas. He may or may not find wisdom, but he definitely finds 'shrooms.

Personality… lazy, awkward, and funny. Ben does not currently own a cell phone due to “payment complications.” And he is far from smooth; he has only one dance move, in which he rolls an imaginary pair of dice. But Ben has a keen sense of a humor that he uses to lighten the mood. We’re not exactly sure what Alison sees in him as a boyfriend, but we can see how he can have his moments as a friend. 


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