Kumar Patel

Kumar Patel

    Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a traditional Indian family, with extremely high expectations. His father and brother are both doctors, and Kumar is expected to follow in their footsteps. Intelligent and nerdy, Kumar seemed destined for a career in medicine – but he began to question his life path after discovering the joys of marijuana in college.

Living… in an apartment with his best friend Harold Lee. The two live completely different lives. Harold spends his days working at a successful investment-banking firm, while Kumar sits on the couch and tries to fail all his medical school interviews so he won’t have to leave. Despite their different approaches to life, the two are united by their shared love of smoking pot after a long day of work, or in Kumar’s case, avoiding work.

Profession… unemployed. Kumar is a recent college graduate determined to resist his family’s efforts to force him into medicine. He doesn’t like to put these traits on display, but he’s actually extremely bright and capable. He could succeed at med school, but he’s just not sure that he wants to go.

Interests… chilling out and getting high. Kumar likes nothing more than lighting up and losing himself in a kush cloud. He only wishes that Harold would loosen up and smoke more.

Relationship status… single. Kumar was madly in love with his college girlfriend Vanessa, the woman who first introduced him to marijuana. Ever since they broke up, Kumar hasn’t had that much interest in dating anyone. He’s down for casual sex, but isn’t sure he’s ready to throw himself back into any kind of committed relationship.

Challenge… journeying to the absolute peak of culinary achievement: White Castle. High, hungry, and hypnotized by a commercial of White Castle’s delicious hamburgers, Harold and Kumar agree that no matter what, the night has to end with sliders in their stomachs. When they find that the inferior Burger Shack has replaced their local White Castle, they decide to go to the next closest White Castle, in Cherry Hill. What starts as a simple errand quickly spirals out of control and turns into one of the wildest nights of Kumar’s young life.

Personality… crude, relaxed, and independent. Kumar spent most of his life ignoring his own desires and doing what other people wanted him to do. Now that he’s discovered the ability to assert himself, he doesn’t want to go back to letting other people control his life. He’s more likely to seek confrontation than his friend Harold, and is far more blunt. Possibly from smoking so many of them. But as different as Harold and Kumar appear, they complement each other and always do their best work through joint efforts.


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