Steve Stifler

Steve Stifler

    American Pie
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as far as one can see, never. The vulgar and loud-mouthed Stifler tends to act like a big child. His puerile attitude toward sexuality, his foul sense of humor and his tendency to abuse bad language make him difficult for most of his peers to be around.

Living… the best years of his life in western Michigan. Stifler is the type of person who is bound to peak in high school. He lives for partying, girls and sports: “I’m gonna hang out with my wang out, and rock out!”

Profession… high school student and athlete. Stifler plays on his school’s lacrosse team with his friend, Christopher “Oz” Ostreicher.

Interests… abusing his rival, Paul Finch. The urbane and mature Finch is Stifler’s exact opposite, which makes the former a target for the latter’s abuse.

Relationship Status… single, though Stifler sees himself as an experienced ladies man who can get into any girl’s pants with ease. He’s always ready to give his friends advice on the fairer sex. Such as: “When a girl tells you how many guys she’s slept with, multiply it by three and that’s the real number.” Don’t worry, he’s got lots more.

Challenge… making sure that his post-prom party is full of eligible chicks. Stifler is known for the insane parties that he throws at his mother’s large house, but he has to make sure that his prom party tops them all. Oh, and if he can manage to keep Finch away from his mom – Finch has a crush on her, and who knows what Stifler’s mom is capable of – so much the better.

Personality… offensive, rude and immature. Stifler has a reputation for being extremely obnoxious and foul-mouthed. He’s never shy about (profanely) expressing his opinion. Consider the kinds of things he likes to announce when merely entering a room: “Well, polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake!”


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