Alan Garner

Alan Garner

    The Hangover
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in his parents’ home in Los Angeles. The most polite way to describe Alan would be to call him a “child at heart.” The most accurate way would be “mentally unhinged, and possibly disabled.”

Visiting… Las Vegas. Alan’s sister Tracey is about to get married to Doug Billings, and she begged her fiancé to invite Alan to his bachelor party weekend in Vegas. Unable to tell his fiancé no, Doug reluctantly invited Alan to join him for a wild weekend alongside his childhood friends Phil and Stu.

Profession… unemployed. Alan is so irresponsible and delusional that it’s hard to imagine him holding down any job. However, he isn’t totally without skills, and proves himself to be a shockingly capable card-counter and blackjack player.

Interests… wearing his trusty jock strap in everyday situations, the Jonas Brothers, the Indiana Jones films, and drugs.

Relationship Status… single. When discussing Doug’s marriage, he explains that he “managed to stay single this whole time” because he knows he’ll die on the inside if he gets a girl.

Challenge… finding Doug before his wedding. Alan “considers himself a bit of a loner… a one-man wolfpack.” He quickly grows fond of Doug, Phil, and Stu. Before their big night he asks them if they are “ready to let the dogs out?” In order to make sure that everyone has a wild night Alan tries to dose everyone with ecstacy, but mistakenly gives them the date-rape drug roofalin instead. Alan, Phil, and Stu awaken in their trashed apartment the next morning with no memory and no idea where the groom-to-be is.

Personality… bizarre. Alan has no understanding of social norms or expectations and offends almost anyone he meets. Despite his penchant for ridiculous, drug-fueled antics, he is oddly puritanical in some regards and refuses to curse. While most of the things that come out of Alan’s mouth are indisputably stupid, he occasionally exhibits flashes of deep knowledge and insight – a fact that further complicates anyone’s attempts to diagnose him. While Alan is loyal to his new friends, his efforts to help them often do more harm than good, and get the group into direct danger on more than one occasion.


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