Barry Egan

Barry Egan

    Punch Drunk Love
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as the only boy in a family with seven overbearing sisters. Barry is still scarred by that experience.

Living... alone in his Los Angeles apartment. Barry loves living alone because he is finally able to get some peace and quiet. But his sisters still don’t leave him alone. They are always calling him and telling him how he should be living his life.

Profession... small business owner. Barry sells novelty items like plungers. They've just received a large order from the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where they're going to be supplying hotel rooms with the "dice and money" plunger.

Interests Include... clipping coupons. Barry is obsessed – especially with his latest scheme involving Healthy Choice and American Airlines. At the supermarket, he did the math and noticed it's a really amazing deal. Only two dollars and fifty cents for ten cups of Healthy Choice pudding gets 500 miles. Can you believe it? He is excited about it, but he can’t imagine actually using the miles. He is afraid of flying.

Relationship Status... involved with Lena. Barry thinks she is so wonderful and cute. He describes her as “a little kitten you want to squeeze, smack, kick and love.” And she said she wants to chew his face and scoop out his beautiful eyes with an ice cream scooper. They're perfect for each other.

Challenge... blackmail. In a moment of loneliness before he met Lena, Barry gave his credit card to a phone sex company. It wasn’t worth what he paid; he couldn’t hear the woman on the other end of the line. And now he has become victim of the phone sex company’s extortion scheme. They have sent four blonde brothers after him.

Personality... emotionally volatile, but romantic. Barry’s emotions range from lonely and depressed to enraged and even violent. But luckily, he finally finds some happiness when he meets Lena. That is, if she can put up with him.


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