Amy Townsend

Amy Townsend

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a single parent home with her younger sister, Kim, and their father, Gordon.  Her parents divorced when she was a child because her father claimed that monogamy is unrealistic. This childhood experience has made Amy commitment-phobic.

Living... in an apartment in New York City.

Profession... writer at S’Nuff, a men’s magazine which produces articles ranging from “Ugliest Celebrity Babies Under Six” to “How To Get Away With Masturbating At Work.” During a pitch meeting for new articles, Amy’s boss Dianna assigns her to interview sports doctor Aaron Conners. Despite hating sports, Amy has to complete this assignment in order to be considered for a job promotion.

Interests...  drinking, smoking pot, and going to parties. Amy likes to have a good time, and what’s so wrong with that? In her words: “I had like two drinks… Three, max… Four, now that I’m tallying.”

Relationship Status... complicated. She’s dating Steven, a sweet musclehead, but she still sleeps with other guys behind his back. Following her father’s example, Amy doesn’t understand or want a monogamous relationship. But things get even more complicated when she meets Aaron, who is earnestly interested in her.  

Challenge... writing a stellar interview with Aaron in order to impress Dianna (and get that promotion). But that is only one of Amy’s troubles. The other is her dad, whose cantankerous personality and expensive living situation create tension in the family. Amy has to keep him in line and navigate tumultuous waters in both her work and love life. Can someone give this girl a break?

Personality... screwball, raunchy, and blunt. She is easy-going but has a gale-force personality. Amy always says what’s on her mind, even if it might offend someone. And if it is offensive, well, she’ll just say it’s a joke. 


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