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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... seeing therapists. When Seth was a little kid he had a problem: he was unable to touch pen to paper without drawing penises. He insists that “like eight percent of kids do it,” but his parents were unconvinced, and sent him to round after round of therapy.

Living… with his parents, but not for much longer. Seth is graduating from high school in three short weeks and is then headed off to college. He couldn’t be more excited. High school was lame, but college is going to be a non-stop party.

Profession... student, although not a very good one. He spends most of his time messing around with his best friend, Evan, or fantasizing about being with a girl. That being said, his area of academic expertise is home economics, the one class where he can get an A.

Interests... surfing porn sites and drinking with his friends, Evan and Fogel. They are unpopular, and their lives are pretty boring. But as their high school careers are coming to an end they finally have the chance to be cool when the beautiful Jules asks if they can get alcohol for her end of the year party.

Relationship Status... single. But he hopes that will change at Jules’s party. He thinks that the fact that Jules asked him to get alcohol for the party means she likes him, and vows to hook up with her.

Challenge... getting alcohol for the party. He promised Jules that he would bring it, but that was back before he saw Fogel’s atrocious fake ID. Desperate to avoid disappointing Jules, Seth and Evan are going to have the night of their lives as they try to track down alcohol for their last ever high school party.

Personality... crude and short-tempered. Seth can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. He’s constantly harassing people who irritate him, and vocalizing offensive thoughts best kept to himself. This burns a lot of bridges socially, but Seth’s reckless honesty is also one of his most endearing features. While he doesn’t have a lot of friends, he’s very loyal to the ones he does have – particularly his best friend Evan.


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