Spring Breakers
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the more ghetto parts of Florida – near the beach but still, very, very rough, he insists.

Living… the dream, in South Beach. His real name’s Al, but you can call him Alien. Because he’s not from this planet, ya’ll.

Profession… hustler. He’s a natural-born hustler, as well as rapper. He’s broken every law in the book, done every kind of work you can imagine. His only steady job is getting paper.

Interests… money, girls, guns, and drugs. Alien lives for the finer things in life.

Relationship Status... single and ready to mingle. He saw these high school girls in court. The player in him couldn’t resist. It was written on their faces. All he wants is to make them happy.

Challenge… making sure Spring Break never ends, making them dollar bills, and making that booty clap. Alien wants to invent a new world, right here in South Beach. A world of bikinis and big booties. Spring Break forever.

Personality… a thug with a golden heart. These streets belong to him, because he’s a gangsta for life. But really, he just wants to party. Unless you step to him. 


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