Most Popular Characters

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Bella Swan

All-American girl with a talent for getting mixed up in supernatural business

Les Miserables

A one-time romantic turned cynical by her harsh life

Ponyboy Curtis
The Outsiders

A "Greaser" on the surface, a sensitive poet underneath

Hannibal Lecter
The Silence of the Lambs

Classy cannibal with an appetite for Clarice Starling

The Book Thief

There are certain souls the surprisingly sensitive Death would rather not reap

Hugo Cabret

A responsible kid who's still capable of flights of fancy

Fitzwilliam Darcy
Pride & Prejudice

Tall, dark, handsome, and utterly prideful

Will Herondale
Clockwork Angel

An arrogant, emotionally distant bad boy with a secret

Mary Jane Watson
Spider-Man Series

Talented actress who plays the girl next door on stage and in the dreams of her old pal Peter Parker

Rose Hathaway
Vampire Academy

A reckless, rebellious smartass who's training to be a royal vampire guardian