Tally Youngblood

Tally Youngblood


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... ugly. But not for long, luckily: when Tally turns 16 she, like all other teenagers, will undergo plastic surgery to make her a beautiful “Pretty.”  

Living... in a post-apocalyptic Seattle. Still, it isn't that grim, though – 300 years after ecological disaster, the Earth's recovered pretty well. While there are ruins of old cities outside, the Seattle of the future is an eternal party, with food freely available and plastic surgery free to all.

Profession... student. As an Ugly, Tally attends school in Uglyville, and while she does pretty well in her classes, she's eager for the operation that will let her leave. Once she’s a Pretty, Tally's only responsibility will be to party and be happy in New Pretty Town.

Interests... dreaming of being beautiful. Overall, Tally is a fairly typical teenager, gazing longingly at photos of Pretties, messing around on her hoverboard, and rebelling by sneaking around New Pretty Town. It's while hovering around New Pretty Town, however, that Tally meets Shay, a fellow Ugly with a far more rebellious attitude toward beauty. Though the two quickly become friends, Shay remains disdainful of Pretties while Tally continues dreaming of her 16th birthday. 

Relationship Status... single. Tally has a few male friends, but she doubts she'll be able to attract anyone until she's a Pretty.

Challenge... resolving her loyalties. When Shay runs away before her surgery, Tally is approached by the scarily beautiful Dr. Cable, who tells Tally to bring back Shay – or stay ugly forever. Tally knows that Shay would hate the idea of changing her appearance, but Tally herself desperately wants to be beautiful. It thus torn that Tally reluctantly sets off after Shay.

Personality... intelligent, but insecure and conflicted. Like nearly all 15-year-olds through history, Tally isn't too pleased with her appearance. But unlike most, she has the means to end her angst. As Tally puts it, "I want to be happy, and looking like a real person is the first step." Now, however, Shay's escape may put a permanent wrench in Tally's dream of becoming a Pretty.


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