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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on the edge of a mental breakdown. Selina lives alone with her cat, and only gets calls from telemarketers and her own mother. She still hoards her childhood stuffed animals and model dollhouse. Everything changes, though, when she’s pushed out of a window. Instead of dying from the impact, Selina is surrounded by stray alley cats and survives. As a result of this near-death experience, she has a complete nervous breakdown and takes on the persona of “Catwoman.”

Profession… newly unemployed. She was secretary to the business mogul Max Shreck, who is as devious as he is rich. Unfortunately, she found out he was planning to build a power plant that would suck up all of Gotham’s energy. The price she paid was supposed to be death, as Max pushed her out of a tall building.

Interests… cats, stuffed animals, neon lights, vinyl clothing, sharp nails, milk.

Relationship Status… single. She still says, “Honey, I’m home!” when she arrives at her apartment each day, but there’s no one there but her cat.

Challenge… getting her revenge on Shreck. When her old boss gets tied up in the evil Penguin’s plot to become the mayor of Gotham, Selina takes her alter ego Catwoman to the next level. She fights crime in the same manner as Batman, but with a lot more sass. She might not have any superpowers, but she’s plenty ready to take on Gotham’s baddies.

Personality… self-deprecating, lonely and sassy. Selina never expected to be thrown into the world of Gotham’s masked crime-fighters, but that’s where she ended up. Fortunately she’s accepting her new position with grace, even throwing clever one-liners around like a pro.


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