Lina Mayfleet

Lina Mayfleet

    The City of Ember
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... without seeing the sun. Lina lives in Ember, an underground city powered by a massive generator. Ember's held up well over the years, but supplies are running low and the lights are starting to flicker.

Living... with her grandmother and younger sister, Poppy. Lina's parents are dead and her grandmother's fading memory means she's in no fit state to take care of Poppy, so Lina ends up being, at 12, essentially the adult of the family. Lina loves her grandmother, but she adores Poppy, "so much that it was like an ache under her ribs.”

Profession... city Messenger. With her love of running and new people, it's the perfect job for Lina – and it's one she almost didn't get it. Luckily, though, Lina was able to trade her assigned job with Doon Harrow, an introspective classmate who'd rather explore Ember's Pipeworks than run around all day.

Interests... running, talking with her friends, and helping others. Part of the reason Lina loves her job so much, besides the physical joy of running, is that it lets her meet new people. By delivering their letters, Lina helps others, making her feel happy and connected to the city.

Relationship Status... single. Lina might be employed, but she's still 12 and still too young to think of her male friends in any light other than a platonic one.

Challenge... saving Ember. Although Ember was created by the Builders as a refuge from the war aboveground, these days, it's seeming more apocalyptic than anything above could be. Doon thinks the answer lies in fixing the generator, but Lina's not so sure, since that would only fix the shortage of electricity, not food. A strange box in her grandmother's closet may hold answers, but first Lina has to figure out what it means.

Personality... friendly, curious, and compassionate. With her bravery and willingness to help others, Lina is a good friend to have, especially now that Ember seems in trouble. Yet despite the dire situation, Lina remains optimistic, telling Doon: "Whatever happens to us now, it's better than what's going to happen there."


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