Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

    The Vampire Diaries
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in ignorant bliss, unaware of the supernatural creatures living amongst him. Along with his older brother, Damon, Stefan had a normal childhood in antebellum Mystic Falls, Virginia, and dreamed of one day becoming a doctor. That is, until both brothers fell in love with the beautiful Katherine Pierce – who turned out to be a vampire. Stefan was turned into a vampire against his will when he was merely 17 years old. Stefan has spent the last century and a half learning how to live as a vampire, and avoiding Damon, who promised Stefan an eternity of misery after being turned.

Living… in hiding. Stefan has just returned to Mystic Falls and moved into his old home, a grand boarding house. The descendants of the town’s Founding Fathers have long protected Mystic Falls’ inhabitants, particularly against supernatural creatures. Stefan has to hide his true nature, or else be hunted by those trying to protect the town.

Profession… high school student, as of recently. During a trip to visit his descendant, Zack, Stefan happened to be near the Wickery Bridge when a car spun out of control and fell into the lake. He jumped into the water and was able to save one of the car’s inhabitants – a girl named Elena Gilbert who looked exactly like Katherine. Stefan was initially suspicious of Elena, believing that perhaps she was actually Katherine. After researching Elena’s background and observing her from afar, Stefan decided to stay in Mystic Falls and “get to know her.” He explains, “For over a century I have lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows. Alone in the world. Until now.”

Interests… writing in his journal, playing the guitar, literature, crossword puzzles, antique cars, football, and love. Stefan is an avid writer, and has written meticulously a journal every year, recording all of his memories since being turned. Stefan is highly sentimental, and has a habit of saving souvenirs of memorable events. Damon has half-jokingly called Stefan a “pack-rat.”

Relationship Status… complex. When Stefan and Elena first meet, they instantly connect and have undeniable chemistry. Their initial puppy love becomes increasingly complicated when forces beyond their control start to cause havoc in their small town. Damon has also moved back to Mystic Falls and will do everything in his power to tear Stefan and Elena apart. With Elena recovering from the recent death of her parents, she might not be ready to tackle the supernatural world in the name of love.

Challenge… obtaining a normal, human life with Elena. Stefan has always deeply hated his vampire side and developed an unhealthy coping mechanism for his cravings. He only drinks animal blood, and can never drink human blood – otherwise he turns into The Ripper, unable to control his bloodlust and capable of draining everyone around him. Stefan fights for a human life that he can never have. Accepting himself wholeheartedly is his greatest challenge.

Personality… compassionate, loyal, noble, brooding, self-destructive, and self-righteous. Stefan was a “golden boy” while still alive. After being turned, he continued to be incredibly empathetic and dedicated to those he loves. On the flip side, Stefan developed a darker side he actively tries to suppress – this includes his addictive and melancholic personality. Stefan relentlessly attempts to be his best self and is at times blind to his hypocritical actions.


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