Lucius Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy

    Harry Potter Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Malfoy Manor with his wife, Narcissa, and son, Draco. The Malfoys are an extremely wealthy Pureblood family and look down on all those of “lesser” blood status – especially Muggle-borns (i.e. wizards born to non-magical people).

Profession… Death Eater. But when Lord Voldemort attacked the infant Harry Potter and seemingly lost all his powers, Lucius wasted no time in abandoning the master he had sworn allegiance to. Like many other disgraced Death Eaters, Lucius claimed to have been hoodwinked into doing the Dark Lord’s bidding, and pretended to see the error of his ways. But many suspect that if and when Voldemort returns, Lucius and his family will quickly fall in line behind him.

Interests… social climbing and bullying others. Lucius frequents the Ministry of Magic, where he sucks up to the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, by making large donations to places like St. Mungo’s Hospital. He uses his slick demeanor and wealth as a mask for the often cruel, bigoted man that lies underneath. Lucius particularly loves to degrade Arthur Weasley, making snide remarks about Arthur’s low-ranking job at the Ministry the Weasleys’ lack of money.

Relationship Status… married to Narcissa Malfoy, a witch just as haughty as himself. Although both are arrogant and despicable, they genuinely love their son Draco and spoil him endlessly, and it is clear that they care about the well-being of their family more than anything else – even Voldemort.

Challenge… maintaining his status by whatever means necessary. Lucius had to do more groveling than he would have liked after the Dark Lord disappeared and the Malfoys found themselves on the losing side. (Or the losing side at the time, anyway.) Yet Lucius managed to weather that storm – thanks in no small part to his wealth – and regained his haughtiness as if it never left. But if the rumors that Voldemort has returned are true, Lucius will have some more explaining to do – this time to the Dark Lord. Can he pull off another flip-flop?

Personality... arrogant, fickle, and bigoted. Lucius thinks that his status as a Pureblood and his massive wealth makes him superior to other wizards, and treats everyone he meets with disdain. It seems clear that he’s only interested in serving the Dark Lord for his own gain, and will pledge allegiance to whichever side is most beneficial to his social advancement. He is cruel to the core, and seems only to have love for his wife and son.


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