Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene

    The Walking Dead
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... barricaded in her father’s farm in Georgia, where she grew up. But things have changed. A zombie apocalypse has occurred, and she lives with her dad and a few others in fear of the undead walkers that roam the south.

Profession... former farmer. Before the walkers arrived, she worked on the farm, but now she just tries to survive. She goes on supply runs and brings in Rick Grimes and his family after his son Carl was shot. She continues to go on supply runs with some of the survivors, including Glenn, a street smart former delivery boy who she immediately falls for.

Interests… horses, which is very useful after the apocalypse. She can use her equestrian skills on supply runs. Horses are much faster than walkers, and she has no problem going fast.

Relationship Status... in a relationship with Glenn – or, at least, as much of a relationship as one can be in when date nights involve decapitating zombies just to get to town for food and water. But they love each other and keep each other safe during these scary times.   

Challenge... surviving. Just making it from one day to the next is a huge challenge – and Maggie’s dealing with additional complications. Her father is overprotective and skeptical of her growing relationship with Glenn, and her family is keeping a secret in the barn that might rip the group apart if it’s discovered.

Personality... strong-willed tomboy unafraid to speak her mind. She’s very open about the fact that she believes Glenn should have more leadership responsibilities in the group beyond just getting supplies. She has seen what the apocalypse has done to other couples and wants her relationship with Glenn to make both of them stronger.


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