Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

    The Walking Dead
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a world overrun with the living dead. Just a few weeks ago the dead started to rise, driven only by a hunger for human flesh. In almost no time at all, most of the world was dead, populated predominately by shambling, rotting monsters. Glenn managed to stay alive when so many others didn’t, and now lives in a camp on the outskirts of Atlanta with a small and close knit group of survivors.

Profession... former pizza delivery man. Before the apocalypse, Glenn delivered pizzas, a skill set that proves to be surprisingly useful as Glenn proves adepts at identifying shortcuts and getting around. He always leads the groups supply runs, proving himself as one of the bravest and most capable survivors. 

Relationship Status... deeply in love with fellow survivor Maggie Greene. The two met when his group set up camp at her dad’s farm and quickly had sex on a supply run. The constant presence of death might suck the romance out of most rooms, but it also reminds you to have some fun before you get bitten by the undead.

Challenge... Maggie. Maggie was the best thing to happen to Glenn, but it can also be easier to evade the walkers when you’re by yourself. Glenn became a valued member of the group because he was unafraid to dive into horrifying situations. How does he adapt to his new life as part of a couple? How does he remain fearless when he now has something special to lose?

Personality... street smart, devoted, and brave. Rick got lucky when he ran into Glenn for a few reasons. One, he saved him from a scary amount of walkers when he was cornered. But Glenn ended up becoming a fiercely important right hand man as they travelled through the Georgia countryside. Decent and able to keep his head amongst the chaos, Glenn is a voice of compassion and reason even amidst the senseless violence of the new world.


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