Recently Added Characters

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Ben Hargreeves

One of seven supernatural babies who was born to a mother who was never pregnant, Ben Hargreeves is trying to save the world from an apocalypse in 8 days. See them in The Umbrella Academy.

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Kevin Wendell Crumb

Kevin Wendell Crumb is a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder that can live as 23 different personalites, and some are nicer than others. See them in Split.

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Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor

For Jaleesa Taylor, it’s hard to make friends when everyone at school thinks of you as old. See them in A Different World.

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Allison Hargreeves

A confident celebrity, Allison Hargreeves wasn't quite careful enough about what she wished for. See them in The Umbrella Academy.

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Rick Mitchell

Rick Mitchell wants to reconnect with his daughter and take an interest in what she does. The only possible conflict is the end of the world. See them in The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

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Simon Spier

Simon Spier has long known that he's gay, but he doesn't know how to open up about that – even to his closest friends See them in Love, Simon.

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Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman is living for her son while trying to reclaim her own life. See them in Big Little Lies.

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Allison Baker

After getting accused for a muder she swears she didn't commit in France, Allison Baker will do anything to prove her innocence. See them in Stillwater.

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Wade Watts

After years of living vicariously through other people's heroic stories, Wade Watts is about to become a hero himself. See them in Ready Player One.

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Bonnie Carlson

A free-spirited yoga instructor, Bonnie Carlson is a true bohemian. See them in Big Little Lies.

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Adelaide's a caring mom who winds up battling herself. See them in Us.

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Manolo Sánchez

Manolo Sanchez is the soft-spoken bullfighter of San Angel who hides his love for music from his family and uses it to serenade Maria. See them in The Book of Life.