Marcus Abbott

Marcus Abbott

    A Quiet Place

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on a farm in utter silence. Marcus was only around 10 years old when extraterrestrial monsters invaded the earth. The monsters are blind, but they are fast and have an extraordinary sense of hearing. They hunt down any living thing that makes a noise. Marcus’s sister, Reagan, is deaf, so their family learned sign language (ASL), allowing them to survive in silence by communicating solely with their hands.

Profession… survivalist. Marcus and his family are trying their best to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Interests… playing baseball and spending time with his family. Before the apocalypse, Marcus was living like a typical grade-school boy, playing baseball on a club team. His family would show up to all his games to support him. However, everything changed after the invasion. When he’s not fighting for survival, Marcus spends his free time playing board games with his sister.

Challenge… getting over the loss of his brother who was killed by a monster.

Personality… timid, but gentle and kind. Although Marcus is often easily frightened and has trouble keeping himself together in critical scenarios, he still plays an important role in his family. Marcus has a high EQ and as a result, helps his family stay together and supportive of each other in such harsh times.


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