Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… In Los Angeles, with her boyfriend and their roommate, Mike.

Profession... kindergarten teacher. Ally loves her job, and the kids love her. She goes above and beyond for her students, and the emotional intelligence required for her job translates most recently to putting on a play about climate change.

Relationship Status… dating aspiring rapper Dave “Lil Dicky” Burd. They have a loving relationship founded on a lot of history. No one can make her laugh as he does, and he would be totally adrift without her. She even made him try a grape for the first time. But Dave’s career and public image are starting to take a toll on their relationship, especially when he publicizes intimate details about their lives in the interest of fan service. 

Challenge… her family doesn’t take her job seriously. Even though being an elementary school teacher is exactly what Ally wants to be doing, her parents act like her job is a transitional phase, especially when compared with Dave’s career success. Dave’s single-minded focus on his rap career can also be difficult. It can make him a little self-absorbed and out of touch with Ally’s needs. It’s hard, too, that the belief in his talent that makes him so successful can come off as mild narcissism in his interpersonal relationships.

Personality… sarcastic, practical, intelligent, warm, and nurturing. Actually, Ally maybe is a little too nurturing, given the amount of emotional labor she performs in her relationship with Dave. Ally is a loyal, caring friend, and the people around her appreciate her for that.


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