Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor

Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor

    A Different World

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Camden, New Jersey to a relatively stable household. As a young teen, she ran off with her high school sweetheart and got married. Her relationship, however, got in the way of the dreams she had for herself. As a result, Jaleesa decided to divorce her husband and get a fresh new start at Hillman College.

Profession... college student at Hillman. Getting a college degree is Jaleesa’s way of starting fresh. 

Interests... education. Jaleesa is appreciative of all the opportunities that Hillman has to offer. Given all she had to do to be there, Jaleesa hopes to reap every opportunity Hillman has to offer her. She may not go to every single college party, but she will make sure to attend every financial seminar. 

Relationship Status… single. As a young divorcé, Jaleesa is focused on her own personal development. She cannot be bothered with the young guys at Hillman, and she is happy being an independent woman. The last thing she needs is a man taking her down.

Challenge... fitting in with the other students. Coming to Hillman at 25 years old, Jaleesa is not at the same stage as most young women at Hillman. It’s hard to make friends when everyone at school thinks of you as old. Jaleesa’s life experiences, however, provide a unique strength that will set her apart at Hillman.

Personality... enduring and generous. Given every obstacle thrown at her, Jaleesa always manages to persevere. Her life experiences have caused Jaleesa to build many walls for herself. Though she may appear tough, Jaleesa does have a softer interior. She always shows up for her loved ones and is extremely caring. 


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