Allison Hargreeves

Allison Hargreeves

    The Umbrella Academy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a child superhero known as “Number Three.” Allison’s birth was part of a mysterious phenomenon wherein 43 women around the world suddenly delivered babies, despite the fact that none of them were pregnant. Seven of these babies—including Allison—were adopted by an eccentric billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves and raised to be part of a famed superhero team known as “The Umbrella Academy.” Befitting Reginald’s militant ways, the children were originally given numbers, not names.

Living... her own life. The Umbrella Academy eventually disbanded and the siblings went their separate ways.

Visiting... her childhood home. When Sir Reginald dies, Allison returns home for his funeral, where she’s reunited with her adoptive brothers Luther, Diego, and Klaus, as well as her adoptive sister Vanya—the one Hargreeves sibling without powers.

Profession... famous actress. Allison pivoted from childhood superhero fame to full-on movie stardom. Of course, it helps that her superpower is the ability to control people’s minds by uttering the phrase, “I heard a rumor...” That’s one way to get ahead in show business!

Interests... dancing, fashion, and chocolate covered raisins.

Relationship Status... recently divorced. Allison is distraught about the messy separation in which her ex-husband Patrick got full custody of their daughter Claire. Yet part of the problem is that Allison never fully loved Patrick. In fact, she and Luther seem to have been harboring secret feelings for each other ever since childhood. As she tells Luther, “You’re the only person who really knows who I am and still likes me anyway.”

Challenge... preventing the apocalypse. The Hargreeves siblings are shocked by the sudden reappearance of Number Five, the brother who disappeared 16 years old and has somehow returned in his 13-year-old body. He claims he was transported to a post-apocalyptic future and that they only have eight days to stop the apocalypse. Unfortunately, The Umbrella Academy might just be too fractured to reunite against such an outlandish threat.

Personality... seemingly confident but secretly insecure. Allison comes across as confident, funny, and doggedly determined, but she’s still dealing with plenty of unresolved trauma from her challenging childhood. Her power is also a bit of a curse. Many of her closest relationships and biggest successes are built on manipulations, which has left her anxious about her integrity and her worth. Yet even though Allison occasionally lets her impulsive emotions get the better of her, she has a naturally caring, empathetic spirit and a deep desire to protect those she loves.


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