Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman

    Big Little Lies
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Santa Cruz, California, with her supportive parents.

Living... a fresh start, in Monterey Bay, California. The wealthy enclave has an incredible public school system, so Jane gets the cheapest home she could find in the area. Now her son will be able to attend the prestigious Otter Bay Elementary and she’ll get a chance to start a new chapter of her own life.

Profession... part-time bookkeeper and full-time mom.

Interests... running, David Bowie music, and target practice.

Relationship Status... single mom. Ziggy’s father isn’t a part of Jane’s life, and in fact, she never talks about him. It’s a painful part of her past that she’s only just now starting to grapple with. That also means Jane isn’t in a headspace to start dating either.

Challenge... getting through a murder investigation. When someone dies under mysterious circumstances at an Otter Bay school fundraiser, the whole town is turned upside down. The police are looking into the incident and who may have been involved—which includes pretty much all of the parents who were there, including Jane. Getting to the root of what happened means digging into the events of the past school year. Back then, Jane was trying to get used to the high-strung world of Monterey. She makes fast friends with Madeline Mackenzie and Celeste Wright, but a powerful enemy in Renata Klein—who accuses Jane’s son of bullying her daughter.

Personality... warm, practical, and introverted. Jane is casual and unpretentious and approaches life with a down-to-Earth spirit. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and she can seem a bit timid or internal at first. She has a strong self-preservation instinct that can slip into anxiety. She owns a gun and has been known to sleep with it under her pillow. There’s a certain haunted quality to Jane. As she puts it, “Sometimes when I’m in a new place, I get this sensation… It’s like I’m on the outside looking in. Or like you know, like, I see this life and this moment, and it’s so wonderful, but it doesn't quite belong to me.” Jane also has a fun, quirky side that comes out when she’s with Ziggy. Above all, she’s a caring, creative mom with a huge heart. There’s nothing Jane wouldn’t do for her son.


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