Kevin Wendell Crumb

Kevin Wendell Crumb


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Philadelphia. Kevin lives in an underground lair that is located right under the Philadelphia zoo where he is employed. 

Profession… worker at the Philadelphia zoo. Kevin worked at the zoo, where he was a victim of a prank played on him by two young girls. The two young girls approached Kevin and grabbed his hands; then they placed his hands under their shirts, forcing him to touch their breasts. This contributed to the vengeful, sexual nature of “Dennis” later on. 

Interests… varied. Kevin has 23 different personalities who have distinct interests. For example, “Dennis” is only interested in being extremely clean and preparing for “The Beast’s” arrival. One of his other personalities, “Barry” has more refined tastes, as he is into fashion design and artistic expression by way of drawings. “Hedwig” is the personality of a nine-year-old boy, who is into listening to rap music, kissing girls and playing games. These interests are not of Kevin himself, but of his other personalities, who are distinct people.

Relationship Status… single. The only regular female in his life had been his therapist, Dr. Fletcher, who is trying to treat his Dissociative Identity Disorder. But after one of his other personalities abducted three young high school students at a party, he now has three young women living with him and being held captive. 

Challenge… managing the fights among his personalities. The personalities often battle for the time in “the light” and often talk to each other as Kevin switches between them. Kevin himself has been restrained by the others for many years; the other personalities see him as weak and vulnerable. Kevin’s more evil personalities, “Dennis” and “Patricia” are awaiting the arrival of “The Beast” which is Kevin’s 24th personality and is an animal-like killer who seeks to rid the world of the “impure,” which are those who have not suffered.

Personality… too many to count. Kevin hasn’t been in “the light” for many years now; his abuse as a child by way of his mother has left him as the weakest personality. He has been restrained by the other personalities, who fear he is too weak and susceptible to abuse in the real world. Dr. Fletcher is the only person who somewhat has an idea of what Kevin’s personalities are like; she is very fond of “Barry” who is cool, focused and intelligent. Kevin’s other personalities have very distinct qualities, ranging from gentle and hospitable, to vicious and violent.


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