Character Recommendations Based on Daxter

Clank Ratchet & Clank

The quintessential rational, intelligent robot sidekick

Ratchet Ratchet & Clank

A shoot-first, ask-questions-later, and then-shoot-again kind of lombax

Sly Cooper Sly Cooper

A sarcastic thief with a heart of gold

Dante Alighieri Dante's Inferno

A crusader fighting his way to absolution

James Heller Prototype Series

Once a loving family man, Heller’s now dark, damaged, and hell-bent on getting revenge

War Darksiders Series

He may be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but War still maintains a strong sense of honor

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim

An everyday earthworm turned intergalactic hero

Heihachi Mishima Tekken

Don't let his old age fool you, Heihachi is a ruthless pragmatist who values self-reliance above all else

Cole MacGrath inFAMOUS

An ordinary bike messenger thrust into extraordinary circumstances

Frank West Dead Rising

Brash Frank knows big risks offer the biggest rewards