Chrono Trigger

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in 983 A.D. Crono never knew his father, but he is very close to his mother Gina.

Living... in Truce. Crono lives with his mother in the capital city of the kingdom of Guardia. Because of its political importance and proximity to the castle, the city has been attacked at various points throughout its history.

Profession... time traveler. When Crono’s friend Lucca introduces her new Telepod invention during the Millennial Fair, they all discover the secret of time travel. However, with this power comes new knowledge and new responsibilities.

Interests… hanging out with his friends. Crono never speaks, but he is still very social. He just communicates with facial expressions. And because he is so loyal, kind, and helpful to his friends, they don’t seem to mind this quirk.

Relationship Status... married, at least in one timeline. Crono and his friends’ adventures through time have many curious effects on the past, present, and future. But in one possible timeline, Crono marries Marle, his beloved childhood friend and a princess of Guardia.

Challenge... defeating Lavos. When Crono and his friends discover that a prehistoric evil alien parasite will soon threaten to destroy the Earth in the future, they begin a quest across time, throughout numerous historical eras, to figure out a way to defeat Lavos and save the world.       

Personality... brave, selfless, and strong. Crono is a classic hero. He would do anything, sacrifice anything, to protect the future of the people he cares about.  


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