Needles Kane

Needles Kane

    Twisted Metal

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as Marcus Kane. He was an average family man who was secretly depressed about how boring his life was. But his mind eventually snapped, and he developed an evil alter ego named Needles.

Living... in an asylum. Needles Kane eventually destroyed the Marcus persona and slaughtered his family while wearing a crude clown mask. He was then captured and sent to an asylum.

Profession... serial killer. As the self-proclaimed best killer in the world, Needles escaped from the asylum and terrorized the country murdering innocents in an attempt to maintain his title. As he says, “Shut up and bleed. 

Interests... ice cream. Marcus Kane drove an ice cream truck, and Needles kept that love of the frozen treat. He still drives that old truck, although now it’s where he stores his weapons and the bodies of dead victims.

Relationship Status... widower. But don’t feel bad for him – it’s his own doing. After becoming Needles, Kane killed his wife along with the rest of his family, except for his daughter Sophie. So taking out the “one that got away” is one of his major goals. 

Challenge... rescuing his best friend. By winning the Twisted Metal car combat competition, anyone can have their wish granted by the mysterious Calypso. Needles wants to hunt down his daughter, but more than anything he wishes to be reunited with his “best friend” Crazy Harold the Wacky Lunch Sack, which is literally just a paper bag. You might have noticed that Needles is not a well man.                                      

Personality... twisted. Needles is pure evil and completely insane. The image of his flaming clown head has become a symbol for the very concepts of hatred and violence. 


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