Frank West

Frank West

    Dead Rising

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... covering wars. Frank’s biggest career claim to fame, the one he keeps talking about, is his history of covering wars. He likes to bring this up whenever someone questions his “unique” style and sense of professionalism.

Living... in Willamette Mall. After learning that something big was brewing in this Colorado mall, Frank takes a helicopter there in the hopes of landing his next big scoop. However,   what he finds is even bigger and more terrifying than he imagined. He thought he was going to be covering a riot, but what he found was a zaombie horde.

Profession... freelance photojournalist. Frank likes to be his own boss, so as a freelance photojournalist, he sells his hottest snapshots to the highest bidder. He wants to be famous. As he says, “It’s Frank… Frank West. Remember that name cause the whole world’s gonna know it.” Right now, though, he better be a professional-level zombie fighter if he wants to survive.

Interests… making tools. Frank enjoys making a wide variety of tools and weapons to take out zombies in the most creative ways possible. They usually include several chainsaws, assault rifles, and novelty robot heads.

Relationship Status... ladies’ man. As a hotshot roaming journalist, Frank doesn’t like to be tied down to one place, or one lady. But when he does encounter women he likes, he uses his photography skills to frame them as scintillatingly as possible.

Challenge... surviving the zombie outbreak. When Frank discovers that the mall is overrun with zombies, and that he is stuck there for three days waiting for rescue, he’ll do whatever he can to survive. This means lots of zombie slaughtering, resource gathering, and helping other survivors.  

Personality... adventurous. Frank’s a decent guy. He likes to take big risks to get big prizes. Some even say he enjoys the adventure that comes from his work more than the work itself. However, a zombie outbreak might be a little too much even for him. 


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