Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as a creation of the nymphs. Rayman was sculpted from moonbeams by the fairies of the Primordial forest. However, somewhere during the process and forgot to give him arms and legs.

Living... in Polokus’ World. Rayman’s entire universe is the creation of a strange, ancient being called Polokus, otherwise known as The Bubble Dreamer. Fortunately, Polokus is very friendly and is an ally to Rayman.

Profession... protector of the Glade of Dreams. Rayman’s world is populated by peaceful little creatures called Teensies. However, they are also weak and frequently get captured. So it’s Rayman’s duty to protect and rescue them using his extraordinary abilities of flight and extendable punches.

Interests… slapping. Rayman likes to hang out with his friends. But because they aren’t that bright, their idea of a good time is typically slapping themselves silly for no reason.

Relationship Status... single. Rayman doesn’t seem to have any romantic interests, even though he will occasionally try to peek up a fairy’s skirt. However, he is very social and close to his friends, especially Globox, whom he considers a brother.

Challenge... defeating whatever threatens his world. Whether it’s evil magicians, treacherous pirates, or rabid raving rabbits, chaotic forces pop up in Rayman’s home pretty often. So it’s usually up to him to slap them back to wherever they came from.          

Personality... enthusiastic and courageous. To put it bluntly, Rayman is pretty dumb, but he makes it for it with raw youthful energy. He’s a fearless hero who flies into action with a propeller on his head and a smile on his face, even if it’s just because he’s oblivious of the pain to come. 


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