Ratchet & Clank

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… on the planet Fastoon in the Polaris galaxy. Ratchet is a member of the Lombax species, but didn’t grow up with his race. His father sent him away to the desert planet Veldin when the Lombax race living on Fastoon came under attack.

Living… in his garage on Veldin in the Solana galaxy. Ratchet dreams of one day adventuring and exploring the entire galaxy, so he started building his own spaceship...out of gum and rubber bands.

Profession… savior of the universe. Ratchet didn’t set out to protect the whole universe, but when various evil forces threatened its safety, he rose to the task.

Interests… mechanics, engineering, and adventuring. Ratchet likes to carry around his big wrench and he’s often building creative inventions and new gadgets in his garage. Ideally, he would like to use these inventions to leave his garage someday so he could go explore the universe.

Relationship Status… on the road to love. Ratchet just met a young Markazian girl named Talwyn Apogee, and though things were awkward at first, they’re getting closer to each other.

Challenge… to save the universe, again and again. When Ratchet and his trusty robot partner Clank save the universe the first time, they become heroic sensations and get interviewed on the Holovision show, Behind the Hero. But it’s not long before another greedy villain rises up, and the duo must adventure across the universe to stop him.

Personality… fearless, impulsive, and self-absorbed. Ratchet is a self-described “shoot first, ask questions later, and then shoot again kind of Lombax.” A sarcastic jokester, Ratchet knows how to talk his way out of situations. Despite his slightly arrogant and selfish behavior, when he meets his partner Clank, he learns how to be a true hero. 


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