Character Recommendations Based on Alyx Vance

Dr. Gordon Freeman Half-Life

This brilliant physicist is a quiet hero. And given all the violent aliens, he better be

M. Bison Street Fighter

A diabolical megalomaniac hell-bent on dominating the world

War Darksiders Series

He may be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but War still maintains a strong sense of honor

Jim Raynor StarCraft

A decent man in an indecent universe

Adam Jensen Deus Ex Series

He was a detached loner even *before* being turned into a cyborg

Sam Fisher Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Gruff and efficient, Sam protects a nation that can never admit he exists

Frank West Dead Rising

Brash Frank knows big risks offer the biggest rewards

Razputin "Raz" Aquato Psychonauts

A talented kid psychic still learning to believe in himself

Max Payne Max Payne

Too focused on avenging the past to plan for the future

Chris Redfield Resident Evil Series

Fighting for a future without fear? Yeah, it's worth it