Alyx Vance

Alyx Vance

    Half-Life 2

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the New Mexico desert. Alyx was raised in the secret Black Mesa Research Facility with her parents Eli and Azian. Her father was a scientist who worked in the Sector C Test Labs, until an experiment went horribly wrong and opened a space-time rift, loosing dangerous alien creatures upon the facility. Sadly, her mother perished in the attack.

Living… under the oppressive Combine regime. After Alyx and her father escaped what became known as the Black Mesa Incident, the Combine seized control of Earth and established an alien empire. Now, Alyx is struggling to survive in the City 17 branch, home to the central headquarters of the Combine.

Profession… member of the Resistance. They’re a group that aims to defeat the Combine and take back Earth for the humans.

Interests… hacking, fighting, and saving humanity. Alyx is a skilled hacker and fighter who comes in handy in a pinch. There’s not a lot of downtime for other hobbies under the Combine’s regime.

Relationship Status… single. But she’s getting closer and closer to Gordon Freeman, a man who used to work with her father at Black Mesa, and someone she believes may have a shot at stopping the Combine.

Challenge… helping Gordon Freeman defeat the Combine. The head of the Combine is Dr. Wallace Breen, former administrator of Black Mesa and traitor to the human race who sold humanity’s freedom for a supposed peace. If they can get to Breen, maybe they’ll have a shot at taking down the vast Combine Empire.

Personality… friendly, optimistic, and caring. Despite the dark days that they live in, Alyx keeps an upbeat sense of humor and tries to see the best in every situation. She’s very loyal to Gordon, her father, and the work of the Resistance, and bravely sacrifices her life for the good of Earth. Though she can pack a punch, Alyx is sweet and sensitive around her friends and family.


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