Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen

    Deus Ex Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as a secret genetic experiment. As an infant, Adam Jensen was secretly experimented on by bio-engineering company VersaLife before being adopted. This would later make his body extremely receptive to technological augmentations.

Living... in Detroit in the year 2027. Adam lives in an apartment near his office at Sarif Industries. Though his job takes him all over the world.

Profession... head of security for Sarif Industries. Adam used to be a work as the commander of a SWAT team, but his girlfriend Megan Reed convinced her employers at Sarif to hire him to serve as the head of security.

Interests... smoking and drinking. After receiving a host of cybernetic implants following a terrorist attack at Sarif, Adam fell into a depression and started heavily drinking and smoking in an attempt to feel human again.

Relationship Status... involved. Adam was in love with Sarif researcher Megan Reed and was devastated when he heard she died. However, once he finds clues suggesting she may have survived, his top priority is reuniting with her.

Challenge... solving the mystery behind the terrorist attack. When an explosion at Sarif caused by anti-augmentation terrorists nearly kills him, Adam is tasked with using his new enhancements to bring his company’s enemies to justice. However, he soon discovers even larger global conspiracies surrounding augmentations, free will, and the very fate and future of humanity itself.

Personality... detached. Even before turning into a cyborg, Adam was a bit of a loner. However, after his girlfriend and most of his humanity are violently taken away at once, he becomes even more alone and bitter. As he says, “I never asked for this.” But this tough cynicism is what makes him so great at cutting to the heart of the conspiracies that surround him.


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