Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as a member of the famous Belmont Clan. For centuries, this family has protected the world from the evil, all-powerful vampire Dracula whenever he returns.

Living... in 17th century Eastern Europe. Simon lives near the ancestral Belmont home so he can be close to wherever Dracula may reappear.

Visiting... Dracula’s castle. After his latest resurrection, Dracula constructed another castle, or Castlevania, full of monsters. So to stop the threat, Simon, armed with his trusty whip, ventures into the castle alone.

Profession... vampire killer. Like all Belmonts, Simon carries the legendary vampire killer whip, the only thing capable of stopping Dracula. It’s also pretty effective against zombies, werewolves, skeletons, bats, and whatever else lurks in Dracula’s castle. As he puts it, “He who wields this whip, is not easily defeated.”

Interests… living up to his family’s legacy. As a child, Simon heard stories of how previous Belmonts had stopped Dracula. So when the vampire returns yet again, Simon is eager for his chance to prove that he can live up to the Belmont name.

Relationship Status... single. Simon’s quest to defeat Dracula probably didn’t leave him with much time for romance. He might get around to it eventually, though. The other Belmonts did, otherwise he wouldn’t be here.

Challenge... defeating Dracula. To get to Dracula, Simon will have to survive the countless monsters and obstacles of Castlevania. And even if Simon does manage to reach the dark one himself, vanquishing Dracula is no easy feat.       

Personality... dutiful.  Simon has known all his life that it is the responsibility of all Belmonts to defeat Dracula should he return. And despite how dangerous and frightening that destiny is, Simon completely accepts it and bravely carries out the task without question.


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