Dr. Gordon Freeman

Dr. Gordon Freeman


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in Seattle. Gordon grew up with a love of quantum mechanics and idolized Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. He graduated from MIT with a Ph.D in theoretical physics. When he witnessed advanced teleportation experiments in Austria, Gordon was inspired to become just like one of his heroes.

Living... in a desert somewhere in New Mexico. Gordon lives alone in a dormitory within his place of work, the Black Mesa Research Facility.  The government-controlled facility is a massive complex, isolated from civilization and highly confidential.

Profession... theoretical physicist. He now works at the Black Mesa Research Facility as a research associate, where he and his team conduct special, top-secret physics experiments.

Interests… physics. Gordon doesn’t really care about anything else but his work, though he does occasionally hang out with his Black Mesa security guard friend, Barney Calhoun.

Relationship Status... single. Gordon now spends most of his time running from the new alien rulers, the Combine Empire, so he doesn’t really have time for romance. Though, he does start getting close to a fellow Black Mesa scientist’s daughter, Alyx Vance.

Challenge... saving the world. When a botched experiment opens up a rupture in the space-time continuum and releases violent aliens upon the facility, Gordon becomes caught up in the fight for humanity’s survival.

Personality... quiet, intelligent, and heroic. Gordon joins the Resistance and takes it upon himself to right the wrongs of his cataclysmic experiment. 


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